Why Think Property

Looking to borrow? Here are 8 reasons to choose us for your next project


We're Flexible

We have total discretion to lend that other lenders lack, which means we can take a view on loans when other lenders just have to say no. For example, for developers that have built up a track record with us, we have made loans on 80-90% LTV given our view of their risk.

We Give You Access

Our founder and underwriters are just a phone call away, meaning you can get a decision quickly and without hassle. With years of experience in lending to property developers, we'll also be glad to help you figure out whether a project is worth taking on or not.

We're Simple

Our lending process is simple from start to finish. To apply, just answer 10 easy questions and we'll get back to you quickly. If we need any more information from you, our Loan Manager will call you directly to get the rest of the information we need and no more. 

We're Fast

If you need to complete quickly on a deal, for whatever reason, come to us. We can complete in under a week where necessary, and have even done so in 48 hours before.


We Lend You Our Own Money

Most other lenders borrow money and lend it on to you. We don't. This means we're aligned with you to see you succeed. We don't put any burdensome loan covenants into our loan agreements, and we never look to call in our security except as an absolute last resort.

We Provide a Tailored Service

As far as we're concerned, any borrower with us is a business partner. If you're our customer, we'd be glad to help in whatever way we can, whether that means introducing you to potential joint venture partners or surveyors, or introducing you to lenders who can provide financing that we can't.

We Don't Have Any Hidden Fees

Have you ever seen a tempting rate from a lender, only to realise that there's a broker fee, procurement fee, asset manager fee, early repayment fee, and to top it off, a £2,000 survey fee and £4,000 legal bill? We have, too, but that's not how we do business. The rate you see is the rate you get, and we do all we can to keep the rest of your costs as low as possible.

We're Quick to Resolve Issues

Nobody goes into a property deal expecting issues, but we all know they can arise. If they do, we will work quickly and fairly with you to find a solution. We have restructured loans and even waived fees when we're satisfied that either good progress has been made or there is a good strategy in place.