2022 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you, from the Think Family! We hope you had a successful year, and a loving end with friends and family.

2021 was such a crazy year for us, this time last year we were at a loan book size of £16m with dreams of expanding our lending and finance teams. We ended the year with double the team members and over double the loan book! A whopping £36m.

Bridging continues to enter the mainstream  and we are all here for the accessibility, connecting us with some amazing brokers and borrowers. Last year wasn’t without its challenges, but with that comes great reward.  With the help of our co-investors, we were able to match the volume of enquiries and deals we were getting. We officially started our charity venture, Think Further, giving 10% of all our profits to some really great and worthy causes across the UK.

Covid continues to affect the construction industry as materials and pricing continues to rise. We are here to help wherever we can and are always at the end of the phone for our prospective and live borrowers.

Our plans for 2022? We wouldn’t want to spill the beans too soon, but not unlike last year we are looking to expand even further and that £36m loan book? Well watch this space… Lets see what we can do about that number, with your help!

The cobwebs have been dusted off our screens and we are officially back open for business, so get in touch with our Lending Team who’d be more than happy to chat through any bridging and development opportunities.