Our Why

As a key motivator for our team, we track each one of our Whys to ensure we deliver on these promises and provide the best version of our service and selves to you all. You can see below just a few testimonials from our co-investors to team members on ways that we are honouring our mission to maintain our Whys.

We echo the increasing call for a more caring form of doing business, where people matter as much as profits, where companies’ impacts on the environment are taken seriously, and where companies giving back to communities is central to their mission rather than ticking a CSR box. We hope this page shows we take our responsibilities seriously as we strive to be part of the solution.


We aim to support hundreds of entrepreneurial developers create dream properties for renters or buyers

The Team at Think are extraordinary and professional with step-by-step support and management along the way. The rates of lending coupled with the team behind Think, continuously make it an attractive and assured borrowing process. we would have no hesitation in continuing to place our funding with Think Property Finance and we are happy to continue on this journey
GPML Construction, Direct Borrower


We aim to give our investors a decent return on their hard-earned money, including many of our team members, well beyond typical bank deposit rates

I started investing with think around three years ago and have found the company to be very professional ethical and extremely informative. I believe their business model is excellent and I have every confidence in investing with them and continue to enjoy the benefits of placing my money with them. If you are frustrated with low interest rates from banks and building societies and want to make your money work harder for you then do not hesitate to consider investing with this company!
Current Co-Investor


We aim to give bright, energetic, ethical people a chance at a new career as we build our team outside of normal hiring routes for careers in finance.

Think gave me the opportunity as a first-time graduate to get my foot in the door within a field enables longevity with my career while also allowing me to utilise my law degree. They have provided me with so much support in a thriving environment and I'm very excited to see not only the personal growth at Think but to also see the company growing to great heights.
Amber Khan, Loan Coordinator


We will give 10% of our pre-tax profits to worthy causes in our communities.

[Think's donations] will allow hundreds of vulnerable individuals in Toronto to receive the pain-relieving dental care that they urgently need. It’s wonderful and encouraging to see how TPF is committed to giving a proportion of their profits to help support community endeavours such as ours.
Dr. Amanda Morel, Filling the Gap