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Think Invest offers the opportunity for property investors and other high net worths to co-invest in our loans. If you have £100k or more to invest, then you could consider partnering with us on our next loan! Typical investments last 9-12 months, so you can gain quick access to returns and avoid the liquidity issues that other investment options pose.


Think Property has dozens of live loans, many of which are available for investment into at rates of 8-10%pa, depending on the risk of the investment. If your risk appetite is higher, as we continue to grow we are also opening up some mezzanine and junior investment opportunities at 10-12%pa. To find out more about co-investing with us with either our standard or higher risk/return investments, click below to fill out our form and we’ll try to respond same day.

Our Values

Here are 4 reasons why investors choose to invest their capital in our loans.


Our founding investor, Think Principal, invests significant capital into every single loan we make. Many of the team and their families also invest with us, so you can be assured that our interests are aligned.


We intelligently underwrite every loan personally to ensure that we’re not taking unnecessary risks with our capital. You stand to benefit behind years of property investment expertise.


All our loans are secured against UK property, so you will receive the security of an asset-backed investment without the hassle of directly managing real estate.


You select the exact loans you want to invest into. Choose from dozens of different investment opportunities to suit your preferences and risk appetite.



Justin Stewart founded Think Property Finance with the same desire as many other investors: he wanted to make his money work harder for him and was frustrated by the low interest rates banks and building societies offered.

After refining the lending model and building a track record, Think Property Finance expanded into The Think Family, offering co-investors the chance to capitalise on returns alongside us. Think Principal is the founding investment vehicle that invests in every loan alongside co-investors.

Unlike other investment options, co-investing alongside Think Principal means that interests are aligned, because we only profit when you do. We treat your money as if it were our own, and our philosophy is to protect first and then grow. This has allowed us to manage the turbulence of recent times, as we have not sacrificed security in the pursuit of reckless growth.

Key Figures


Annualised Returns
(Loan Dependent)


Investments Repaid
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Co-Investor Capital or
Interest Lost

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Alongside Think Principal Ltd, investors lend directly to the borrower and will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. As such, capital is at risk.