Think Further: Our Giving

It’s been said the secret to living is giving. When we set up Think Property, we wanted to make sure that if we became successful, our success would be shared with the wider community around us. We didn’t want to pay lip service to giving back; it needed to be a meaningful contribution and our wider hope was that it might encourage other companies who look at us to do the same. We decided to give 10% of our pre-tax profits – at the point of liquidity – to worthy causes in the UK and abroad. This is Think Further.



We resonate with movements like B corps which help companies take their responsibilities seriously. As Gandhi supposedly put it, “Be the change you would like to see in the world.” So as well as taking our giving seriously we want to make sure all our stakeholders -team members, borrowers, co-investors, our panels of solicitors and surveyors, other suppliers – are all treated well. People matter more than profits and we want to make sure that this is a reality in our company.



We are aiming to give over £100,000 per year to charitable causes out of our profits, with the hope that this amount will only increase as we continue to grow! 

At present, we are often able to give 5-figure sums to individual charities on a monthly basis. So each month, we ask a charity to visit us. We want to know first hand what their challenges are and what’s going well. For smaller charities this may include brainstorming ideas to help them grow and increase their impact. It helps to motivate us as a team, to get excited about our giving and to give more. We want to be part of the journey with these charities as they grow.



One way to increase our impact is to be involved in matched giving to charities. By partnering with our founding investment vehicle, Think Further, and by targeting other matched-giving initiatives, the charities we choose often receive up to 8x our initial giving!

There are other ways charities stretch our reach. For example, we provide funds for urgent dental treatment through the charity Filling The Gap for needy individuals. However, the service also acts as a referral system where patients are informed of other programs and charitable services that can help them which they are often not aware of.

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