We are a private debt group who provide simple and fast property loans.

By using an intelligent, problem-solving approach to lending, Think Property Finance supports property entrepreneurs with fast and straightforward access-to-capital. Think Invest provides access to property-backed co-investments with highly attractive returns. We operate to a high ethical standard and seek to ensure integrity across all of our operations.

Integrity in The Think Family can be summed up in two words: aligned partnership. We only succeed as our co-investors, borrowers, and employees do, too. Not too unlike a family, after all! And through our charitable initiative, Think Further, we are committing 10% of profits to charities supporting debt relief, homelessness, and other worthwhile causes.


Property lending can be overly slow and complex when it just doesn’t need to be! Too many borrowers get let down by lenders that treat them like underwriting checklists rather than true partners.

We think differently. Our aim is to see every borrower to succeed. We take time to personally understand each borrower’s needs; we make the enquiry and application process as simple and straightforward as can be; we use our extensive property expertise to curate loans that meet each borrower’s needs; and we do all of this in market-beating times to get borrowers the funds they need, fast!

We also take a pragmatic, problem-solving approach to lending. This helps us get loans over the line, and further helps the borrower during the loan. Nobody goes into a property deal expecting issues, but we all know they can arise. We always look to work with our borrowers to find solutions to tricky situations, from restructuring loans to giving generous extension terms to help when projects get delayed.

Why Borrow With Us


We regularly complete loans in under 10 working days. We deliver on speed when others can't.


Whoever you want to speak to - and at any point in the loan process - we're only a phone call away. Many borrowers choose us for our customer service, because we take a truly personal approach to lending, tailored specifically to each borrower and broker.


Property finance doesn't need to be complicated, so we keep things simple! From enquiry all the way to completion and redemption, our process is straightforward and easy-to-follow.


Unlike other lenders, we lend you our own money. This means we're aligned with you to see you succeed. Other lenders put burdensome covenants into their loan agreements which could lead to funding being pulled at any time. We don't.


We are a whole-of-country lender, with loans from the south-east, all the way to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We have completed on approaching 200 loans, with a default rate below 2%.