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Commercial Bridge in Luton

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What Our Borrower Needed

Our borrower required a loan to fund the development a purpose-built accommodation block for 80 students.

How We Helped

Sounds simple enough? Well, as is a common strategy, the developer was undertaking the work post-exchange but pre-completion, meaning we didn’t have an asset to take a charge over. Thankfully, the borrower also owned another commercial unit on the same street. We took this unencumbered property as security to allow the development to go ahead with our funding.

This is one of our earlier loans that I structured myself. What could have been a very complicated enquiry was made very simple through chatting with the developer. Even today, this is still how we like to do things: whenever there is an issue, we always try to get on the phone and solve any problems that same day
Justin, Founding CEO

* Working days from offer to completion