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Fast Office Bridge in Surrey

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What Our Borrower Needed

This loan came to us through a broker, whose client needed a 78% LTV bridging loan against a commercial property, with a very short lease… and they needed the funds in 2 days!

How We Helped

Sounds impossible? We made it happen. We were able to do this thanks to everyone working tirelessly to get this over the line. What made this particular loan possible was that the exit was secure and in place; the borrowers had arranged contracts with the prospective buyers and simply needed a bridge for 2-3 months to get them to sale.

Most lenders won't go near an enquiry like this, but we at Think specialise in them! We're set up so that whenever a very urgent enquiry comes our way, we're equipped with specialist underwriters and equally fast legal partners to get fast loans over the line.
Justin, Founding CEO

* Working days from offer to completion