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High-End Conversion In West London

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What Our Borrower Needed

Our borrower required a loan to repay an outstanding lender and create 4 new ‘Manhattan’ style apartments in West London. They already owned the freehold of the whole block, and had consent to develop.

How We Helped

As mentioned, our borrower owned the freehold and leasehold for the entire block which was initially very dilapidated. Having refurbed the whole building to a high standard, he now needed funds to develop the ground floor. This was one of our most complex securities yet,, having obtained a total of 43 leases and the freehold of the whole building. However the desirable location in West London and the significant experience of this borrower meant we were more than happy to provide the full funds sought. Our primary concern is our relationship with our developers, and what a great developer this is! The pictures speak for themselves.

This borrower has a significant portfolio, and we are super impressed with the quality of his builds. We were involved in every step of the progress thanks to the borrower and we really appreciate when a client keeps us up to date with their progress.
Liz Tan, Head of Lending

* Working days from offer to completion