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HMO Refurb in Liverpool

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What Our Borrower Needed

This was a return borrower of ours who required funds to purchase a mixed-commercial property in Liverpool. A retail unit on the ground floor and a 7-bed HMO on the upper floors, he intended to refurb the property to a higher standard with his own funds.

How We Helped

Our borrower required 100% of the purchase price. Typically we only go up to 75% LTV, but in this case he had other properties in his roster that we were able to take equitable charges over to release more funds. Our reputation as a flexible lender was exemplified on this occasion, as there is always a loan to be done! Since this loan we’ve completed on another project with the same borrower.

The team is very helpful and professional. I find working with them very relaxing. They help in every way possible to see things through and making sure everything and everyone is working in sync.
the Borrower

* Working days from offer to completion