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Hybrid Development in Kent

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What Our Borrower Needed

Our borrower required funds for purchase and development of what was a 4-bedroom dwelling in Kent, in order to convert the current property into two apartments and build 2 new semi-detached dwellings to the rear.

How We Helped

This was the sort of loan that a mainstream lender would have issues lending on as the exit was fairly tricky. Due to the complexity of the title and the location of the 3 dwellings, we had to be flexible and deal with 3 separate lenders to ensure a secure exit and repayment of our loan. However, this was our 8th loan with this borrower and it is no secret that a strong business relationship ensures successful completions, and this was no different, allowing an extension to the loan due to legal delays.


I was really pleased to work with this borrower again and fund towards the uplift of yet another dilapidated building. All their developments have really improved the appearance of the surrounding areas and this time was no different. I look forward to continuing such a successful relationship.
Liz Tan, Head of Lending

* Working days from offer to completion