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What Our Borrower Needed

Our borrower required a development loan, in order to demolish a bungalow on a large plot of land outside Ashford, and then to rebuild a high-end property and annexe on the site. Given that the borrower already had 2 outstanding projects with us, we planned this one in advance to give plenty of time for completion.

How We Helped

Like many other experienced developers, the borrower applied for extended planning permission after purchasing the property. We were happy for the borrower to do this with an experienced developer like this one, because although it may mean needing to amend the loan, our risk would be brought down following the planning uplift. Sure enough, new planning came through 3 months into the loan term. We restructured the loan to give the borrower extra funding, enabling them to complete the project on time.

The speed in which [Think] handle matters is exceptional, and when there are ongoing enquiries, they are willing to stay involved so nothing is missed. We cannot rave about them enough!
What the Borrower Had to Say

* Working days from offer to completion