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New Build Houses in Hertfordshire

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What Our Borrower Needed

Our borrower owned a piece of land-with-planning, requiring funding to pay off another lender and to complete the development of 3 new build houses in Hertfordshire

How We Helped

The borrower’s loan with another lender was due, but the build was not yet complete and as such they required urgent funding to ensure no further delays to the repayment of their previous loan and the build.  Covid-19 put a great strain on materials, causing countless shortages and delays which is still felt all these months on. This borrower unfortunately felt the repercussions of these shortages, requiring several months of extensions. We understand this was out of everyone’s control, and remained flexible, accommodating to their needs and helping out wherever we could!

The borrower had always intended to finish the properties to a high standard and this was evident in all 3. Although it was extended, all 3 of the properties were sold which shows how sought after they were.
Amber Khan, Loan Coordinator

* Working days from offer to completion