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Refurb Bridge in Pimlico Grid

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What Our Borrower Needed

A first time borrower of ours, they required £443k to purchase and refurb a 1-bed flat into a 2-bed in the Pimlico Grid.

How We Helped

As a lender, we continue to support our borrowers by helping them grow their portfolio. This borrower had been severely impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, leaving him with adverse credit and very limited capital to regrow his portfolio. We lend to borrowers with adverse credit and by doing so are able to sustain our flexible way of lending. We completed on this deal without a hiccup, however as the loan progressed our borrower needed to be further reimbursed to ensure he can continue on his property journey. We always strive to help our borrowers where we can, and with all amendments subject to due diligence we were able to provide them with an additional £30,000. Internally, the property has been refurbed to a beautiful standard and we love the outcome.

The team at Think are very professional. They were pleasant to deal with and dealt with my loan very well. I would 100% borrow from them again
M,T, Borrower

* Working days from offer to completion