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Two Detached New Builds in Kent

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What Our Borrower Needed

This borrower required funds to reimburse money already spent and complete the build of 2 high-end 4-bedroom houses in Kent.

How We Helped

There were several title issues quite early on in this case, which in hindsight we were grateful were spotted sooner rather than later. For an urgent facility at the top-end of our lending, we didn’t want to cause any delays to such necessary funding. We have a team of solicitors who are experts in their field and ensured that we completed within our borrower’s timeline. The first project of hopefully many, as they redeemed on these high quality builds early and within budget!

The developer was incredibly experienced and finished the development 6 months ahead of schedule. The property was finished to an outstanding standard and we would love to work with him again.
Amber Khan, Loan Coordinator

* Working days from offer to completion