Loan of the Month – Dec 22

Our loan for December was a quick auction deal!

We initially received this enquiry in November of this year. With our borrower required 483k to purchase the property, renovate and refinance it. He needed money fast so that no one would take this great purchase away from him!

We were able to see the potential of this site, and know exactly why our borrower with a site in such high demand. The house sits on a massive plot of land, and the potential for future planning approval is highly possible. With a site in such high demand, we had to move fast to ensure that our client didn’t lose on such a great deal.

We are already providing funds for the refurb, but if the borrower does intend we obtain further planning, we’re always willing to discuss options of additional funding. After all, we continue aim to remain one of the most flexible lenders out there

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