Loan of the Month – Feb 23

An amazing completion in Haywards Heath!

This is the first time we are working with these borrowers. The borrowers required funds to purchase the land with planning in place for the development of a 4-bedroom detached dwelling.

We were first introduced by a trusted broker with whom we have worked on many occasions and having worked with Think, he knows how we work. The borrowers required quick completion as the loan application process was moving very slowly with their other lender and the seller was becoming impatient. When we received the enquiries, we were told that we have 7 days to complete, and you all know how we like a good challenge. We work best under pressure!
To make matters worse, one of the borrowers was on a business trip in Dubai and additional work had to be done to find a suitable law firm for him to sign the loan documents.
We are so pleased to report that not only did we meet the deadline, but the borrowers are also cracking on with the projects and we’re excited to see the end result.