Loan of the Month – June 22

Our fastest loan of the year! Completing in only 5 business days.

This broker and client were new to Think, and they needed our help to repay a 2nd charge lender on their main residence. They had sought planning that would allow them to refinance another property to pay off the lender on their residence, but 18 months had gone by and nothing had moved forward. At this point, their loan was due any day and they needed someone fast and effective to swoop in and get them out of the muddle.

And that’s where we came in! No survey or legals had started, but luckily we have some expert surveyors and solicitors who helped us ensure we got this over the line for our borrower. Fast, simple loans are never impossible and we are a lender that lives by that motto.

Our first loan with this broker who will now be staying with us for the service we provided. At this point, the only records we’re trying to beat are our own… Lets see how quick we can be next time!

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