Loan of the Month – Sep 22

This loan was the talk of the Think summer as our biggest day 1 amount yet. We provided £1.9m towards a portfolio purchase in Bedford, totalling 26 flats for one of our return borrowers.

All flats were tenanted and our borrower had already taken over property management for the flats. They had a strict deadline of 4 weeks from the time we received their enquiry, but with so many units and other parties involved, our underwriting was extensive. Ensuring both our lending and finance teams were ready was imperative to getting this loan over the line, especially due to the size of the facility and what this investment meant to our borrower.

4 weeks later we were ready and completed for our borrower! A key investment that has boosted our borrower’s portfolio, thanks to our help. Big shout out to all those involved in getting this loan over the line.