New Head of Finance!

With great success comes worthy promotions… Meet our new Head of Finance, Alexander Arnold!

Alex has been part of the Think family for two years now, having come from doing Mergers & Acquisitions at a boutique investment bank. Initially starting as a Finance Analyst, Alex showed very early on how vital he was to our team.

Studying Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford University, Alex’s eye for detail is second to none. After such a busy year including some big team transformations and substantial growth, he has been a pillar for the finance team.

Not only is he great with numbers but he brings a real sense of camaraderie to the office, with a running joke amongst the team that he will always find a connection to every loan we do. When he’s not speaking with co-investors, Alex enjoys to read and loves an afternoon swim.

We can’t wait to see what Alex will do with this new role and what connections he can find to our new loans…