The last six months have been a tough time for the property industry, with building sites temporarily closing, sales falling through, and both lenders and borrowers being wary of entering into loan agreements. As things begin to return to normal, however, we believe there are many great opportunities for both borrowers and lenders who are willing to take them.

Think Property Finance has continued to offer and lend throughout the lockdown, and as we come out the other side of this period we are seeing an uptick in deals, and we are in a better position than ever to provide finance. We believe that our ethos of flexibly working in partnership with, not in opposition to, our borrowers has made us uniquely placed to help them weather the storm we’ve all faced, and the confidence and trust built during this period has made us uniquely placed to help them take advantage of what opportunities we find now the storm has passed.

There of course remains some uncertainty around exits and house prices in the current fluctuating market. Therefore, as part of our commitment to find the best and fairest solution for both our borrowers and our investors, we are capping our lending at 10% below our normal LTVs. For most loans, this will now mean a new max of 60% LTV. We have updated the LTVs across our site already, so what you see as available is what we’re offering.

For prospective borrowers seeking loans below 60% LTV, or those with other properties that could be offered as further security, Think is as eager as ever to lend, and we are better funded than ever before. Brokers or borrowers, please head straight to our enquiry page by clicking the above link and Apply Now! We can’t wait to hear from you!