Think Further Apr 22 – The Elundini School

We’re so happy to announce the charity Think Further is pairing up with this month.  

The Elundini School is based in a South Africa township and was made known to us by a member of our team. It is a school that provides solace for all children in the township, especially those with physical disabilities. Having met with the owner and founder Indy Kawana, we can say she is a truly inspirational woman who is a beacon for many in the local community. As a lot of small organisations like this one can empathise with, Covid-19 has had an everlasting effect on the Elundini’s school to provide care and security for children while their parents are at work. A lot of parents have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and so any fees Indy did get (which are solely on an “if you can” basis) have reduced significantly, and the day to day running of the school has become increasingly stretched for funding. 

With that said, our donation of £5,000 (roughly R 101,000) will go towards the 14 teachers and 130 students at the school currently, ensuring food and good nutrition isn’t compromised. Along with this, it will hopefully take the pressure off Indy and her other donors who are working tirelessly to get the school registered for government funding.  

In a part of the world where politics have a real knock-on effect on people’s daily life and opportunities, we want to ensure that good people like Indy, her staff, and the children at her school, do not slip through the cracks.  

We will be getting updates throughout the year of how Indy and her beautiful school are doing, and can’t wait to share this with you!