Think Further Dec 21 – Justice And Care

At this time of year, it’s important to take some time and reflect on what we’re all grateful for, as well as thinking what can we do to help others?

With that in mind and sticking to our Think Further oath, we’re happy to announce our December charity, Justice and Care!

Justice and Care is a charity based in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Romania and the UK. They help rescue victims of modern slavery and human trafficking, and go one step further than this by empowering these victims to rebuild their lives and working with the police to bring the perpetrators to justice.

We had the privilege of Justice and Care coming to visit us in our offices in Wimbledon, and the statistics are truly harrowing. There are approximately 100,000 victims of modern slavery and human trafficking, 70% of these are women and girls and 45% of referrals are now children. Despite such a high number of victims, only 3% of modern slavery cases actually get a conviction. There is a huge lack of trust between the police and these victims, as they are not fully equipped to deal with such a high level of trauma.

That’s where Justice and Care comes in. They have started a Victim Navigator Programme, whereby they employ specialists and embed them into these cases with the highest level of clearance. They provide the specialist care and holistic support the victims desperately need in order to increase the chances of a conviction and implement systemic change. With these navigators in place, Justice and Care are seeing the number of engaged victims increase massively to 94%.

With 8 navigators around the UK, they have been able to ID 111 victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. With our help, they aim to increase this to 14 navigators and have a 3-year stretched target of embedding navigators in 50% of all police forces nationwide. Think’s £7,500 donation – which was price matched through The Big Give – will make this a reality. The work they’re doing is truly inspiring and so vital to not only help those on the ground but make a systemic change to the barriers of obtaining a conviction and the way these cases are dealt with.

If you want to know more about Justice and Care, their website can be found at