Think Further – Jan 23

We are happy to announce our December charity; Hardship Fund

What better way than ending the year by announcing a new donation that Think Further made to a local school in South London.

Our Head of Lending, Liz had the pleasure of speaking with the Headteacher of the school to learn more about the initiative. It was such an eye opening experience for all of us to find out that local schools have resorted to setting up Hardship Funds to help with children who do not meet the criteria to qualify for free school meals. In a report from one of the schools, it was mentioned that more than 80 percent of teachers say that school children come to class hungry, which leaves them anxious, with difficulty concentrating, and some even steal their snacks from classmates to get by. Over here at Think, we are passionate about our philanthropic effort and it’s great to be able to help a local school this time.

Along with this, we hope that we can encourage more people to make small donations to their local schools to make sure children don’t go hungry at school.