Think Further May 22 – British-Ukrainian Aid

Our main aim with the Think Further initiative is to ensure we make meaningful contributions to those in need. As a team we are aware and appalled by the war in Ukraine and the displacement of so many men, women, and children across the region.

We got in touch with British-Ukrainian Aid which started out as a charity for war casualties in 2014, following the start of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Their mission was to prepare and reintegrate victims into society, which included providing humanitarian and medical aid to those in need.

With Russia’s invasion earlier this year marking a drastic escalation, their efforts were refocused to providing emergency medical equipment, surgical supplies and life-essential medication. They are also delivering humanitarian aid to a number of hubs on the Polish-Ukrainian and Romanian-Ukrainian borders helping refugees.

The team including hundreds of volunteers behind British-Ukrainian Aid have been working endlessly to support those injured and stuck in Ukraine and its borders. We have donated £5,000 to further support their efforts and ensure that every person in and coming out of Ukraine is met with the support that they need both physically and mentally. We are keeping in touch with them on a regular basis to see other ways in which we can support their efforts. if you want to also see the ways in which you can support British-Ukrainian Aid, you can find their website at