Think Further Sep 21 – Filling The Gap

We’re so excited to announce that our charity for September is Filling The Gap!

Filling The Gap is a charity operating in Canada focused on supporting the ‘working poor’; those on low-income with no health benefits, specifically dental services.

1 in 3 individuals in Canada have no access to health insurance from either their employers or the government, with 20% of Ontarian residents not being able to afford private dentistry, and this number is rising.

Filling The Gap is a great charity for needy individuals, providing free dental care with volunteer dentists and hygienists in two community clinics within Ontario. From emergency treatment to extractions, they offer a wide range of services, but that’s not it. Respect and dignity for their patients is at the forefront of their service, and they often provide more than just dental aid for their patients, acting as a referral system for patients who do not have the resources or access to government programs and other charitable services that they are often not aware of.

They are aiming to add more locations throughout Toronto, broadening their reach, which would require a full-time dentist and dental nurse. Think Further’s contribution to Filling The Gap will make this a reality for them, and with a £10,000 donation, over 300 people get life-changing treatment, or are directed to the right place. As one of the only vehicles in Toronto providing a service of this standard, Filling the Gap are crucial to aid and fill this disparity, and we are so pleased to be providing a contribution and helping them take that next step.

If you want to know more about Filling The Gap, their website can be found at