Think Q1 Reflections

We hope everyone had a successful start to the year, and an even more successful first quarter! 

As restrictions continue to ease across the UK, there are talks of what this means for the housing sector as government schemes come to an end. Government support throughout the pandemic has largely allowed the housing market to ride out the economic impact of the pandemic. With these schemes coming to an end, main-stream lenders are predicted to become increasingly cautious of their borrowers and due diligence.   

We want to reassure our borrowers and business relationships that we are remaining consistent to our ethos that we practised throughout our 1st quarter of common-sense lending. We continue to receive daily enquiries with April predicted to be our busiest month ever, both pre and post-Covid. We’ve reached our Q1 target of a £20m loan book, and this continues to rise! 

Our mission is to provide more bridging and development finance than ever seen at Think Property, working with both first-time and experienced developers and aiding in their property portfolio expansion. With bridging finance increasingly in demand, we’re very excited to be a part of that supply and growth.